Disc Profiling – Assessing through Five Behaviors Program


discprofiletestcanadaTo become successful, company employees and teams should be able to work cohesively.  Sadly, not many team members are as well-coordinated as others.  The key to success in every workplace is having members that have the same goal, works for the same goal, and play their own unique role for that goal.  By properly assessing the different behaviors of each employee, an employer or team leader can properly delegate roles and duties for each member of the team so that they can work together and be able to maximize their potential.  This is all possible through DiSC profiling by assessing employees with the five behavior program.

DiSC profiling is essentially a personality assessment test.  By acquiring disc profiles of employees, you are able to understand their personalities which will allow you to communicate better with them and assign them to teams they can work their best with.  The five behavior program is purposely created to help and aid business, companies, and teams to understand the overall personality, behavior, and competency of their members.  The five behaviors are trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.

Trust – in order for a team to be successful and be able to work well together, team members must be able to trust one another in regards to the roles or duties they have been assigned with.  When every member of the team has trust in each other’s abilities, they will not be poking or finger-pointing on whether there is a weak link in their team and who is not doing their responsibilities well.  When there is trust, members can work their best on the work assigned to them as they will not be even thinking of any shortcoming from others.  Of course, for any team to have a built trust, members should communicate regularly and should relay to each other the progress of their work.  This in essence will allow them to effectively achieve their goals much better.

Conflict – when trust has been established with every team member, they will be more comfortable in discussing conflicts of ideas.  In meetings and discussions, members can be more constructive in laying out their ideas and be more comfortable in handling queries and even criticisms.  Having trust helps to avoid conflict as respect and honesty with each other’s opinions and ideas will not be disregarded.  It’s just that it is always the better idea that gets the vote.  If there is no trust, conflict can begin with just a simple query; even though it is only a matter of asking simple things about the topic or idea in discussion.  When there is trust, team members spend more time listening to ideas of others instead of interrupting midway through their presentation, or even thinking of nasty rebuttals just to make their point and win the argument.

Commitment – when doing a project, team members will be committed to reaching the same goal.  As long as every member is in unison with the project, they will be fully focused in finishing their assigned tasks and not waste time worrying about the works of others, if they are complying with the given tasks and its parameters.  A fully coordinated team that have trust in each other will also provide helping hands, especially in the presence of vulnerability with other teams.  It is the matter of trust and commitment that makes teams successful, particularly in terms of results.

Accountability – when team members become committed to fulfilling their designated tasks, they reach a common goal and that is the overall result of the work they are doing.  Through this, they become accountable for the work they do and not bring it on the team.  While the teams unity may accept responsibility over any slack, it is the acceptance over the accountability of the person creating the gap that makes the difference.  Once you know this, you will surely strive to provide the results needed for your team to become successful.

Results – this is what every team in every workspace and all business are looking for.  Success in achieving good results is achieved through the effort of each member of a team.  It is a combination of all the four behaviors mentioned above that helps to put the efforts of the team into accomplishment and realization.  When every member of the team works hard to strive for the common goal they have, they will be able to get the results they want or that is needed of them.  This is the pinnacle of all the effort of every member combined.