Weird but Interesting Things in Canada

If you aren’t from this part of the world, you may think that there are not a lot of interesting things in Canada. This is especially true if all you know about the country is its extremely cold temperature during the winter season.

However, there is more to Canada than just weather and ice hockey. If you want to know more about this North American country, here are some fun facts:

  • Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving. If you are from the United States, you may want to know that Canada commemorates the holiday earlier. Thanksgiving is observed during the second Monday of October.
  • Canada has a lot of forests. You are wrong if you think that the country is filled with ice all year round. The landmass of this North American country is made of 30% forests. This is why it’s not just polar bears you’ll find in the country. Canada is home to many species of animals including some types of birds.
  • The use of ‘eh’ is common in Canada. This word functions as ‘yes’ or ‘right’ as in ‘We have work tomorrow, eh?’ Don’t be confused when you hear Canadians speak this word. They are just trying to confirm something.
  • Fancy some snakes? One of the interesting things found in Canada are garter snakes. It is dubbed as the garter snake capital in the world. These hissing reptiles swarm at the Narcisse Snake Dens from April to May. If you have a thing for snakes, you can take a trip to the Dens and view them from the platforms specially made for tourists.
  • If you are a very religious person, you may frown at this fact but in Canada, prostitution is legal. On the other hand, you cannot work as pimp there or own and manage a brothel because these jobs are against the law.
  • The aliens are among us! Canadians may believe of the existence of extraterrestrial because in 1967, they built the first ever landing pad for UFOs. You can find this in St. Paul, Alberta.
  • Wildlife matters in this North American country. Because they give importance to the safety of the animals, Canada has built overpasses where wildlife could cross. This is so they wouldn’t have to get into the danger of having to cross a busy street. All kinds of animals may use the overpasses. Perhaps you might even see some grizzly bears on a good day.
  • Want to know how it feels like to swim in freezing waters. Every New Year, Canadians dive into the English Bay in Vancouver. If you are ever in the area, you may do so as well at 2:30pm on the first day of the year.
  • Do you speak French? Canadians do. Aside from English, French is the other official language of the country. Montreal, Canada is the second largest city in the world speaking in French. Paris is the first.
  • If you think ice is the only thing to see in Canada, think again. Aside from the 30% forests found in the country, it also has an abundance of lakes. In fact, Canada has the most lakes in the world.

These interest things in Canada make the country a lot more interesting. If you are fascinated enough because of this facts, visit Canada soon.